Essential Collection

The Essential Collection from Comfy Paws Pet Care is a range of shampoos, grooming sprays and canine care products containing naturally derived ingredients, essential oil and natural extracts for conditioning skin, coats and paws while promoting health and wellbeing for dogs.

The Shampoo’s and sprays provide mild cleansing with; Hydrolysded Wheat Proteins to help repair coat damage and retain moisture; Vitamins B3 to energise skin cells and promote healthy coat growth; B5 to give a natural coat shine; B6 to activate skin cells; C to support skin health; E to help protect the skin and coat from environmental stressors; as well as Aloe Vera for promoting and maintaining skin and coat health;  Chamomile extract for sensitive skin and Lavender for it’s relaxing properties which can help to calm stressed and anxious dogs or just create a relaxing bath time environment for your fur friend.

All products in this range are vegan, cruelty free, paraban free, colour free, free from synthetic fragrances and colours and use the scent of essential oils to give their fragrance.